Role Of Online Surveys In Gathering Public Opinion

Published: 19th September 2011
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Surveys are very important as they help in collecting public opinion about a specific topic, product, business, marketing, public relation, etc. But in the past few years it used to take considerable time and money for this, with new and advanced technologies it has become very convenient to conduct surveys. There are various ways to conduct it like online surveys, by phone or through emails. Now a dayís gathering public opinion is becoming popular as it is one way to obtain an unbiased view of the public opinion on a range of issues for this various online polls are being conducted.

Public opinion polls can be defined as an aggregate of the individual views, attitudes, and beliefs about a particular topic, expressed by a significant proportion of a community. The group of people can be of the same views or of different or opposing views. It can also be understood as a process of interaction and mutual influence. The influence of public opinion is not restricted to politics and elections only but it is a powerful force in many other spheres, like culture, fashion, literature and arts, consumer spending, and marketing and public relations.

Public opinion polls is very popular in politics as through online opinion polls the public, including citizens who cannot or do not vote, receive the opportunity to be connected to or involved in the political process without being politically connected or heavily involved.

Other than unbiased opinion of the public, online opinion poll has other advantages like it is easy to include a huge number people and in short time a large amount of data is collected and analyzed in a shorter period of time. Hundreds of respondents can fill out the survey within a matter of days, and all of these responses can be automatically inserted into a database such as Microsoft Access. Data from web-based questionnaires can also be automatically validated; for example, if a data value is entered in an incorrect format, or outside a defined range, the web-based program can return an error message requesting the respondent to enter the data correctly and resubmit the questionnaire. If such validation capabilities are used, the researcher need not worry about issues of missing or out-of-range responses, and can proceed directly to preliminary analysis of the data.

With an increasing number of miscall surveys it has become easy to conduct surveys in faster ways. In this way respondents donít have to go and log on to different websites to poll they can simply give miss call vote to give their support. The users donít have to spend their time and money for sending messages via phone or replying back to emails. There will be many people who might not be using internet but a huge part of population of a country uses the phone, this way it easy to cover good number of people in the surveys to know the public opinion.

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